Heres the free crochet pattern for my moth friend! Moth(man) Pattern: -K hook-Super bulky ya…

Heres the free crochet pattern for my moth friend! Moth(man) Pattern: -K hook
-Super bulky yarn
-12 mm eyes

Body, made from front to back:
1. Sc 6 in mr (6) 2. Inc around (12) 3. Sc, inc around (18) 4. Sc 2, inc around (24) 5. Sc around (24) 6. Sc around (24) 7. Sc around (24) 8. Sc around (24) 9. Sc around (24) 10. Sc 2, dec around (18) 11. Sc around (18) 12. Sc around (18) 13. Sc, dec around (12) 14. Dec around, FO (6) use yarn tail to sew remaining stitches closed and weave in end
Make 6

1. sc 4 in mr (4) 2. sc around (4) FO leave yarn tail long enough to sew leg to body
When you sew on the front pair of legs and go to weave in the yarn ends, pull them through the top of the moths head to use as the antenna. Reposition and trim as needed. 

Short version: use cut out pieces of a hard plastic folder to form wing shapes and sew fabric around them

Long version: I used a double layer of a plastic folder as support for each wing segment. I made four segments, two matching pairs, with a slightly larger upper pair and a slightly smaller lower pair. I sewed fabric around the frame of the folders to make the wings, and then sewed each wing segment individually to the moth after using pins to figure out placement. For the moth in the picture I used crushed velvet that I had scraps of. For your moth Id recommend googling pictures of moth wings and basing your shape and fabric choices off of the moth species you like best (or just pick a vague shape and whatever fabric you want. I am absolutely going to make a Halloween moth as soon as I find some Halloween fabric)

Enjoy your moth friend! Please tag me in pictures if you post any of your moth, Id love to see what you make! And please feel free to ask me any questions about the pattern

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